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The Benefits of Site Surveys

The Benefits of Site Surveys


A site survey might be the last thing on your mind when you’re looking to have lighting installed into your facility. But the truth is that a site survey is crucial to the whole process. So, what does a site survey consist of from us at Ventola Projects? Well, a member of our team will conduct a site visit before agreeing to any project, once this has been done, the work can begin! A site survey is so invaluable to our customers because we put in all of the necessary checks before starting an installation. What are these checks and why do they benefit you? Read on to find out more…

Installation & Product Suitability 

During our site survey we will evaluate whether our products are suitable for your facility. This allows us to pick out the best products for the application. By doing this it ensures that all pre-site requirements are covered, from the building being electrically and structurally capable for the project to our products. 

Not Time Consuming 

To conduct a site survey, it will only take us 1-2 hours, this is not time laboring and will not affect your business hours! A site survey will see that any unforeseen issues are uncovered early, this will ensure that there is no time lost in labor in having to rectify issues that could have been prevented in the first place.

Cost Effective

Also, by conducting a site survey, it will make the project more efficient and less costly in the long run. The intelligence that a site survey produces allows the project manager to make better informed decisions which reduces the chance of costly errors. A site survey enables us to see if we can access the building with ease, or if we need to implement different tools or access areas. Without a site survey we could turn up for the job and it be a waste of valuable time because we can’t access a room/get our equipment in.

Here at Ventola Projects we have almost 30 years of experience, if you want to speak to one of our experts to learn more about site surveys, or to see how we can bring the right lighting to your facility, get in touch!