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The Galleria Mall, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, is a super-regional mall in the heart of the city. The mall is inclusive of over 400 stores, and a world-class entertainment facility. So, when the client, got in touch with our Ventola Middle East Distributor, we were understandably excited. The client’s brief was to provide an all in one LED lighting effect consisting of white lighting, UV and colour change to create a vibrant and exciting atmosphere in their bowling and seated areas.


To create this, the team at Ventola Projects decided to use the VAvR LED Lighting System along with 48RG-UV-W light fixtures. These products were best suited to create the desired effect to meet the clients brief. The effects given from the VAvR lighting best shows the capability of the products supplied and showcases the facility perfectly against those using a more traditional look. 


This project saw our team complete the installation of our VAvR LED lighting system across the bowling facility, included the seated areas in just 10 days. As a result of this lighting being installed, this facility at the Galleria Mall is not only visually appealing, it is also eco-friendly. In comparison to conventional lighting, this is 60% cheaper to operate. 

It's always a huge accomplishment to see our lighting installed into retail environments, not only is it a huge advantage that all passers-by will see it, but we are happy in the knowledge that Ventola have put their stamp on some fantastic overseas locations.