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Tahiti Village is a famed resort in Las Vegas, which features a pool, lazy river, spa, fitness centre, and arcade. It offers an escape for meetings, holidays and weekend breaks - with suites available. This facility was looking to create a state-of-the-art arcade out of an old storeroom. The Tahiti - Ventola link was formed through our partner company in Las Vegas, and discussions took place to create a complex LED light show.


 Managed and installed by Kool Amusements, our US distributor, the project took the space from backroom to attraction in just three weeks. The trick to a renovation like this is all in the lighting, and we specialize in the craft of expert, high-quality lighting systems. For Tahiti Village, we supplied the VAvR CS16 LED spot light along with a VAD8 Driver to create a games room like no other. The speed of the project is down to how easy it is was install the products that Ventola supply across the world. 

Not only are the Ventola products at Tahiti Village aesthetically pleasing, but we also use the latest LED technology that saves up to 60% more energy than conventional lighting. The added benefit of color change & white lighting contained in the same unit including its “Plug & Play” construction makes our VAvR products a obvious 3-in-1 solution. 



The games room location was a storage room for over 10 years. It was dark, it was hidden away and its potential wasn’t being fulfilled. Thanks to Kool Amusements and the commitment from Tahiti Village, we have created a great concept which we hope to replicate at other locations.