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Choosing the right lighting in your facility matters more than you might think

Choosing the right lighting in your facility matters more than you might think


Creating a fun and exciting atmosphere is a must for any entertainment facility. Customers will be more likely to share an experience that’s memorable and builds a great reputation for your business. This in turn increases footfall and profits.

The right lighting is a simple way of encouraging people through the door. Not only that, but lighting can have other benefits too…

Energy-efficient lighting for reduced costs

Lighting is the best way your entertainment center can save money and still create a vibrant and exciting atmosphere.

LED bulbs, like the ones used in our VAvR system are both bright and bold as well as low-energy, which creates excitement while still being cost-effective and even be profitable in the longer term.

This form of lighting is also easy to maintain, so your customers can continue enjoying the experience it creates without everything suddenly going dark. Lower maintenance costs from adaptable lighting also allows you to focus your profits in other areas to give your customers the best experience.

From parties to team building days - we make all events enjoyable and unique!

Different lighting combinations create different atmospheres and ambience. And for events such as birthday parties, it’s important that these remain in people’s minds. Using bright colours and effects such as laser or flashing lights add extra excitement to any event.

By changing the color tone, entertainment facilities can also be great locations for business or corporate team-building events. With just a simple adaptation in the lighting, you can give these customers a different, unique team-building activity or use a relaxed bowling game as a way for them to impress clients.

In short, using the right lighting combination can attract different markets and enhances your appeal to new customers!

Don’t be afraid to change up your lighting

There’s so much you can offer at your entertainment facility. From bowling to arcade games, different activities may need different lighting to really give the best experience.

For example, glow or UV bowling can appeal to the general public, while white light bowling can be a good solution for league standard players. Similarly, adding the effects mentioned earlier opens up your lanes to new or beginner bowlers, giving them an enjoyable first taste of bowling on the whole.

And making these adaptions can be as simple as making one set of lights brighter or just changing the color.

Installing adaptable lighting in your entertainment center

Here at Ventola, our 3-in-1 VAvR system of adaptable lighting has been installed at entertainment facilities across the US. Through a remote control system and handheld console, your LED lighting can be easily altered to suit any event or facility.

There’s so much more you can achieve through lighting at your entertainment center. Speak to our experts for more ideas and to learn how we can bring the right lighting for your requirements.