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An innovative 3-in-1 lighting solution; how VAvR lights up bowling lanes

VAvR LED Commercial Lighting

An innovative 3-in-1 lighting solution; how VAvR lights up bowling lanes


Since Ventola was founded in 1989, innovation has been at the heart of what we do. Over the last 30 years, we’ve developed a range of innovative lighting products for various businesses, including our VAvR solution.

Popular with bowling lanes and amusement arcades, VAvR allows you to be creative with your lighting and opens up a world of possibilities for your facility. Let’s take a look at how else you can utilize the solution in your business.

What exactly is VAvR?

VAvR is a bespoke solution which enables you to easily control different lighting combinations from a central reception point. By changing colors, tone and brightness, VAvR creates a unique lighting experience and the right ambience for events.

This lets you open up your lanes to new opportunities and give your customers something a little different than at other bowling centers.

How VAvR provides a 3-in-1 solution

VAvR makes it incredibly easy to create phenomenal lighting combinations on each of your bowling lanes. Using a range of colors and effects, VAvR greatly enhances the bowling experience for your customers.

In addition, the LED lights used for VAvR are a more energy efficient solution than general white lighting, which helps to keep your running costs down. This means you’re not only able to create a unique atmosphere for your bowling customers but save money as well.

VAvR also acts as an LED alternative to glow bowling, offering added vibrancy to your lanes, making them the talk of the town for bowlers of all abilities.

The potential VAvR can bring to your center

VAvR brings all of these aspects together in one solution which is easily controlled from a central reception point. This means you can choose the right lighting combination depending on your needs.

For instance, you might be hosting a bowling birthday party and so might opt for a different combination than the one you’d use for general ten-pin bowling. VAvR can also be an effective way of promoting your lanes to commercial events or even league standard players.

Importantly, because the lights used for VAvR require less maintenance, it’s easy to gain a good return on your investment.

Installing a bespoke lighting solution at your center

Our VAvR solution is designed and manufactured according to the unique dimensions and requirements of your bowling center or arcade. As specialists in providing LED lighting for the entertainment and leisure industry, we’re committed to bringing unique solutions that really make your facility stand out.

With nearly 30 years’ experience, providing a fantastic experience for your customers is something our team always strives for, and our unique solutions such as VAvR lighting is one way we can do this.

VAvR has already been installed in bowling centers in Las Vegas, NV and Florida, and is available all across the States through our distribution and installation team also based in Las Vegas.   

To learn more about what VAvR can offer your facility, contact our team today on +1 (702) 201 4199, +44(0)7770 227537 or [email protected].