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We’re welcoming three new and improved products!

We’re welcoming three new and improved products!


This year has been very successful for us here at Ventola Projects. After expanding into the USA during the summer of 2016, the company has gone from strength to strength. We have now grown into a first-choice supplier with our lighting being installed in entertainment facilities all over, including Florida, Las Vegasand recently Minneapolis (MN).

Since expanding we have tried, tested and improved our products to ensure that you are getting nothing but the very best! Available right now are two new innovative lighting solutions, this includes the CS LED Spot Light which has multiple lens configurations, and the LUS LED Linear Light which has fixtures range in length between 1.2ft to 4ft. In 2020 we are expected to launch the SL External LED Wash Light. All of these products are already established but have been improved with a brighter LED chip and available in RGBW/RGBA/TW and single color.

All of our new products are energy efficient and ETL compliant for the USA. By using energy efficient lighting, you will be able to save money whilst still creating an exciting atmosphere. 

You should never be afraid to change your current lighting in your entertainment facility, no matter what the activity, different formats might need different lighting to give the best experience and enhance the mood of the customer, they will also recognize you’re making an effort to better the facility. If you want to know more about why choosing the right lighting matters then you can read our previous blog here!

For more information on our new products, or to find out what you can achieve through using our lighting at your entertainment facilities then get in touch with one of our experts.  

Here at Ventola Projects we have almost 30 years of experience with fitting lighting solutions for a broad range of sectors. So, let’s see what we can do for you!